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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> from new york, this is mike hubbin huckabee, good night and god bless. stay tuned for judge jeanine. >> you need help. >> nothing to help with. >> i am going fishing. >> i am telling you there's no fishing out there. >> come with me. >> what are we going to do? >> change the world. >> i thought only god could do that? >> which is easier to forgive him of his sins or saying get up and walk.
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>> i have had the young prophet of nazareth. >> he works miracles. >> blessed are the pure in heart they shall see god. >> pray to him, he will listen. >> thousands came to see him. >> you are hung ry for righteousness. >> welcome to a special edition of "hannity"." that was the trailer for the blockbuster movie "the son of god" which chronicles jesus christ's on the cross and the reads r resurrection. it was a bible mini series it was a huge hit. how are you? >> great. >> does he do survivor at home? he has the kids doing all kinds of things. we practice and have so much fun. >> i can't help it. my personality.
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>> so the crazy ideas of on the survivor show are yours. >> someone scuba dives and i don't even like to swim. >> that's a big step forward. >> let me ask both of you this. you put together this mini series for the history channel, blockbuster huge massive historic raltings for the channel. why do you think it was a big success? >> the nation is hungry for god who loved them. one nation under god. a lot of media play it like people don't love god. some regular churchgoers come saturday night to make room for all of the people that want to get in on sunday.
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>> there are some churches growing and there are others that decline but this resinated. "the passion of the christ" is one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time. why do you think? >> i think jesus hasn't been on the big screen since then. i think we are visual learners. there's so much of what i remember as a child i saw it in the movie. it is an important story that is part of who we are. it even brought life on the screen. we retain that. it is useful for us it is good information and inspiring. >> you go back to old hollywood and you look at the ten commandments or ben hur they were uj massive blockbusters. hollywood goes to the lowest common denominator now we have the mini series this move sees
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about to break and now this movie. news week, their biggest selling issues is when they put jesus on the cover around christmastime. there is a message isn't there? >> there is a message and a big thirst for the bible and thirst for jesus. the message is let's make more about god and about the bible. who wouldn't want to be with god every day? who wouldn't want to know jesus? we believe that thoroughly. the ratings show that. in canada it is hockey. >> in canada it is almost a religion. a separate religion. >> what migade you want to do ts proje project. you are known for "touched by an
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angel." why this? >> it came in as a whisper in our hearts and the importance to do it m we sat down together over a cup of tea and mark said you want to do what, the whole bible? i said yes, i think that's what we should do and we shook hands on it and decided we would never look back. when we originally started off on this journey many people thought we were nuts that we had lost our minds. >> you mean the movie or the mini series part. >> both. now on the movie part i am sure people are saying these two won't tput it out. we had the mini series in it 2013 and now the son of god in 2014. >> holy anoint the christians. we are going to keep being noisy. >> you say that like it is almost used negatively? >> i think what the bible series
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did is give people permission to talk openly about their love of god. like the voice 400 employees who don't know everybody and still don't know what they were thinking personally. the bible series lifted what they came up and said thank you so much it means so much to my family. i would never have known what it means to them personally. the tsa guy said what's wrong? nothing. just thanking you for the bible. >> did the freedom of success from other ventures did that allow you the freedom to pursue "the passion"." the other stuff is it less of a passion more of a business? >> it is a day job. we have a day job that is doing very well. >> with our other shows and
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other projects it is an opportunity, we had the platform, we had the leverage to be able to do this. we came to it with no fear. we felt full of love. i think everything was the best of intentions. our intention in this always was to bring these stories forward as a love story they are to bring this loving, healing, hopefulness there is no god or there is only god. >> you look at america and see cultural decline. do you believe america culturally has deteriorated from say where our founders started? >> we have been here 25 years now and it is a nation doing bible and free enterprise.
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>> don't you hate what they say it is a jud-- people hate to he this is a judeo christian country. i believe america was founded on judeo christian influences. >> we have been traveling so much tfor the son of god and we have met so many good people who are so vibrant. i feel god is very much alive. he is very much alive in this nation. >> i think certainly you would think there is nothing but bad news every where turning the news on. >> a lot of it is crime, drugs, poverty, government dependancy. >> there needs to be more noise for the good guys and there are good people doing good things all over the country. >> when we come back you felt sort of some miraculous signs
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came during the taping of this series and i want to talk to you about that. we will come back and continue. more with mark burnett and roma downey. we will have more preview clips from the movie "the son of god." i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! plus h♪s a fast-acting antihistamine. they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived.
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vituperati >> the people today, they called you king. they think you were a messiah. but you seem to ignore them. >> don't you want to be our
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king. >> who do you think i am? >> you are the son of god. >> you couldn't have known this by what you know of me, peter. >> it has been revealed to you by god. >> you are peter and on this rock i will build my church. >> a clip from the brand new blockbuster son of god. joining y joining us now we continue with the pill am makers roma downey and mark burnett. when i last interviewed me you told me you felt you had signs or a feeling or a belief that god was there while you were filming this and you wanted this project to happen. do you remember that? >> yes, of course i remember it. we prayed from the beginning of this project.
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we prayed that we would be able to tell the story effectively, make those emotional connections and tell the story truthfully. when we were about to shoot the crucifixion sequence. we asked everybody we knew to send prayers to make sure we got through that one. we had a man that was on the set to clear snakes and scorpions. on one given day he cleared one or two snakes. on the morning of the crucifixion he got up to the set he had a bag on the side of the room that was rising he cleared over 40 snakes from around the foot of the cross. i think the symbolism of the snake wasn't lost on any of us. it was like a spiritual clearing had gone ahead. we have felt that all through
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the project all through the film. the film is very important for a new generation they would know and understand jesus they would have an opportunity to see what an amazing man he was and how much god loves us that he sent us jesus. >> the clip we just showed, he will correct me in 10 seconds because i will probably get this wrong. i went to seminary and i spoke that sequence who do you think i am you are the son of the living god he said flesh and blood didn't reveal this to you the catholic church takes peter the rock of hope. i've always thought there was a more spiritual element where he
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knew he was the father -- father morris will disagree with me in a moment. this this is what you do i take big biblical stories jesus walking on water jesus saying i will make you a fisher of men, the last supper, the crucifixion. you don't tell the whole story. how abodid that process go abou? >> we are only a few weeks into the bible series and she said portraying jesus in mark. this should be a big movie. this should be seen in community on the big screen. we said okay. had no idea. we have done about 30 versions over a year just trying to get the feeling. we didn't want to tell people
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what to think or how to feel. finally the cycles have realized it's the son of god the charismatic leader who may have been the next king david. >> they show the weakness they all ran when he was arrested. peter did deny him three times that's included in the movie. it is mostly new material built around it. >> we would do these screenings every week in morocco we had a and elder we invited the cast and crew to come in. as the jesus narrative started to unfold we saw how extraordinary it was.
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>> you shot all of this for the mini series before it came out? >> it was all shot at the same time. >> not knowing we would do. we knew we would shoot a movie but didn't know what type of life it would have. we thought a few private screenings. the studio is go good in the 20th century fox called and said we love this we are going to distribute it in 3,000 theaters and we are going to distribute it in two p different languages as well. >> when you were on the program you have images in the mini series where you have the devil walking across. people said oh, they choose somebody that looks like obama. there. okay. that didn't show up in the movie. on purpose, not on purpose? >> absolutely on purpose.
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>> you took it out. >> took it out on purpose. >> absolutely. i wanted the devil on the cutting room floor. >> why? >> i felt the conversation that ignited after that moment in the mini series serves to be such a distracti distraction. this movie is a movie about jesus. i didn't want satan to get too much air time. >> it does look like a little bit like obama? >> that was never the intention. >> you regret it was in the first one? >> i grregret it turned into th distraction that it became. we were expecting jesus on the screen. i was sure everybody would be speaking the name of jesus that would be the point of the conversation. then this came out. >> isn't that just like the devil to be the narcissist that he is that it how became all
6:20 pm
about him. in the spiritual warfare of life and darkness, when you do something that is filled with light that this is the intention it to shine a light in the dark, that the darkness pushes back. maybe it gave me too much pleasure to say the devil was on the cutting room there are. that's where he is and that's where he remains. >> get behind me, satan. >> more clips from the movie "son of god." the studio audience will react from the film and more as we continue.
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. a and you are the messiah, the chos >> you are saying you must accept god's word. how dare you. that's sack relig. he never studied the law. it is the work of demons. he undermines our faith. >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity"."
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roam gnaw downey and mark burnett their new movie is "son of god." i watched the movie with a number of people. there wasn't a dry eye in the room. is that the normal reks a? >> i think people are touched by the story and it is one of the beautiful things i have been able to watch collectively in a cinematic experience is that there is something about experiencing the story in communi community and feeling the overwhelming love. it plays out like a thriller really, ago political thriller on the one hand with the romans led by pontius pilot and temple authorities led by ciaphus and the disciples led by jesus. they are on a collision path which creates this ticking clock. woven through it it is a love
6:26 pm
story of god's love for humanity. the man who played jesus. >> he did a really -- obviously that's a hard roll to play. i thought he captured what i would in my mind think jesus would be like, connie dent, strong, loving. seemed to have it all together. >> we wanted someone who could portray the lion and the lamb. the compassion he brings to it on the one hand and strength and charisma. beautiful job. >> this went back to the "the ta passion the christ," too, very graphic the crucifixion seen the lashes prior to that carrying the cross it is hard to watch. >> it>> we worked hard to get pg 13 rating but it is till really hard to watch especially because
6:27 pm
unlike the passion that dealt with three-days. in this as you saw he was so in love with the humanity of jesus. you have fallen in love with this. people who have known these scripts their whole life watch and say oh in one way i wish the story would change. of course they don't really. >> it also shows jesus knowing peter would be tray him and he said he wouldn't. add the cruz fiction up coming. that would be something he knew father take this cross from me, et cetera. one thing that also struck me and i want to get my audience to talk about this the next segment how events today are similar to back then. you have corrupt political leaders and ministers and power
6:28 pm
hungry people. it seems like it is not very different in spite of the advancement and technology a lot of things seem the same. >> especially where pilot meets him for the first time. what is true. you know that by lot knew pilate knew the truth but the political expediency he was willing to liar with the man he concluded the political world. >> describes the pharisees leaders of the church they wanted him out of the way because he was a breath to the power. >> you see a lot of similarities. >> a lot changed with technology but he hasn't changed that much. >> we added a scene from there from josephus to show the ruthlessness of pilate when the
6:29 pm
people come to him and say he has taken the money that we were gathering for the temple and you used it to build an aqueduct. really did rome give you water or did your god give you water. he has this man attack. >> render unto caesar that which is caesar. everything is god and caesar is nothing. i thought do they always try to trick him, try to trap them. >> every time. pontius kept telling nick deem news. >> he came around. >> john 3:16. >> when we come back we will continue with mark and roma and we have a special edition of hannity. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire.
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>> the stars shal >> the stars will come out and shall rise out of israel. >> the word became flesh. >> i believe your son is the
6:35 pm
promised king of this people. what is his name? >> jesus. >> that was another clip from the movie "son of god." we are going to bring in our studio audience along with mark comburn net and roma downey. it goes from the birth the life resurrection and ascension. you go through the whole life of jesus. most of this is about his working life, right? >> yes. >> father jonathan morris,>> i got to see this last week and on two big jesus moments in my life were one my mother reading the children's bible to me as a little kid and going to the holy land. i can say this was the third jesus moment in my life because
6:36 pm
we encounter jesus. it is not going to make big bucks just by putting jesus on the screen. they are going to make big bucks they are going to put jesus on the screen with faith behind it. that's why "the passion" works and that's why this work. i thank you for bog doing that. it is not just jesus but people believe jesus was who he said he was. >> they had a screening in new york city and when he started multiplying the fish and the loaves they were weeping and when the lights came on i think mark cried for the first time i have ever seen him cry because it's a universal story of the love of goned add his provision. >> what was the reaction in the room? >> it was like a silent hush of
6:37 pm
reverence and awe. >> were there a lot of tears? >> it was a flood of tears. it was like a wave of love washing over everybody when he had the basket and multiplied it. >> this is from the boys club. >> being the most christian couple in hollywood i think that's great. hollywood can hoopen up and tal about god. the general public christians shunned hollywood a little bit. they can come forward and realize hollywood is there for us. there are projects he cthey can do well. you can be in the industry and don't shun it. >> these movies have done so well yet they are hard to
6:38 pm
produce. you cover religion for fox news channel and you covered a lot of those stories. >> the stories are coming out now about how movies are coming out taking the bible making them their own. one of the things i really love bo this movie one of the things you hear about jesus that he popped on the scene. you do a preamble. you start with the gospel of john which is important theologically. john's gospel has the i am statement. i am the bread of life i am the light of the world i am the good shepherd. this is to take you back to the burning bush who shall i say is sending me who is sending me. god said i am is sending you. jesus is actually making a direct connection to that moment. when you bring out in the beginning that he was present in the garden in the burning bush
6:39 pm
in the flood you are connecting those two things. >> great point. >> it did tie it all together. formally of the christian coalition now faith and freedom coalition. >> thank you, sean. i think mark and roma are a national treasure because they have this platform. i have seen the film and i urge everybody watching this program to see it and bring a friend. as you captured in the clip you showed earlier when jesus was on the earth some people say he was crazy, a lunatic. some people said he was a prophet. some said he was a teacher. >> everyone says that about you. >> some tried to make him a king
6:40 pm
and a political figure. in the end he was none of those things. he was who he said he was which was the son of god and the beauty that is portrayed in the masterful film making of the couple. it was the lives transformed, shawn. everybody who he encountered thae life was never the same. that's the power of the message of the gospel and the power of this film. >> when we come back we will do questions for mark and roma and get the rest of the studio audience in here. coming up after this break in a special edition of "hannity" continues. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check?
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. judas. yo >> jesus -- judas, your friend from galilee has caused quite a stir. one cannot deny he has especially among the less educated element. but you, judas. >> what do you want with him? >> just to talk. >> judas, you are his friend. bring him here discreetly. >> what's in it for me? oo welcome back to this
6:46 pm
special edition of "hannity." we turn things back to our studio audience as we continue with mark burnett and roma downey. that scene was particularly powerful. as i was watching that i don't want people to take this the wrong way of all of the apostles he is the guy who will be tray jesus. i am thinking wow. >> pretty incredible. god knew before hand that was a part of the plan. jesus knew and he knew. that's why he kissed him on the skreek and said he knew he was going to be tray him. it had to happen with his sacrifice so occur on the cross. i thank you for making this film especially for my generation for younger people growing up around so much cynicism. >> always remind me that i am old. >> it is a very important perspective. it is the most nonchurched cynical generation. he was the son of god but he was also the son of man.
6:47 pm
was human like us. it causes them to ask the questions to investigate. it caused a reporter who wasn't a believer who investigate who jesus was. it raise the the most fundamental questions. >> you tell them the story and if people are i ampacted by it they are impacted by it. >> i comblooef this film has the ability to reach the sec secular audience. as christians it remind us jesus as he was leaving the earth he said greater works than these we do and i believe in america sometimes and in parts of the world we act as if we are powerless and we are not supposed to be powerless. one is supposed to be able to bring 10,000 to flight and we have lost sight of that.
6:48 pm
sean we are waiting for you in tennessee. >> i got picked out of new york in case you didn't hear. >> i am not a theologian so this is from the pew. i want to say thank you. we live in a society now where christians are being told who hide their faith and keep it quiet that we don't have a places in the marketplace. you have created a beautiful masterpiece that moms and dads can finally go to the movie theaters and take their children to see a film that is family friendly. thank you so much. >> i have only seen clips of it so far but i have read the best selling book that it is based on. i have no doubt it will do just as well as the mini series. people are still looking for true hope and true hope is found
6:49 pm
in jesus christ. you are bringing this message out of hollywood. there is still hope for hollywood. >> steven mansfield has a great story. you have followed the state of the president and killing jesus, the faith of george w. bush and other prominent leaders. i am interested from that perspective and the movie what do you think? >> because i like history and writing about history i was intrigued by the earthliness of the story. jesus throats above streets and everything is pristine. i like that they show the grit and especially there's a lot of race on the screen. you see more diverse races and diversity. he was defending a certain segment of society because people were racially biased
6:50 pm
against him. they brought that to the floor and captured that on the screen. the idea of intarn nation is son of god introduced into the muck and the meyer and physical bodies to represent god to the world. >> i think the thing that stands out at this point is all of humanity is just failed and that he recognized that. that was the purpose of him being and going through the sacrifice. all sin have fallen short sort of thingsen you see that today and in the movie as well. >> conscious to show everybody in the movie except for the only perfect character is jesus. they have flaws the romans and semple authority. they don't want it to be the disciples. this is a scary time. >> i had the opportunity to step
6:51 pm
in playing the role of mary the mother of jesus. >> you did a great job. >> she was the mother of the son of god she was also the mother of a son. i have loved jesus my whole life and i never fully considered what it must have been like to be his mother to stand at the foot of the cross and to see her son so brutally mur sdered there. radio oo on>> three people there. >> she said seven things at the cross in the midst of all of that he took time to love his mother which says so much about him. >> coming up closing thoughts on this blockbuster movie "son of god." it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and 5 essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet's amazing juices and new amazing prune light.
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>> they are hungry. >> give them food. a house. bring them to me. >> thank you, father. for what you bring us. >> our father in heaven how much more will he give to you? put god first and everything else will follow.
6:57 pm
you are hungry for righteousness. will be filled through me. >> welcome back. we bring back our live studio audience with mark burnett and roma downey. >> i would like to thank mark and roma for the quality of film making it is so gorgeous and beautiful. beyond that and more importantly you could feel the power of god in the studio from the clips we have been able to see. it is not only quality film making which is important as we know christian films have lacked that a little bit in recent years. for instance in "fireproof" was number 4 in the box office in hollywood. hollywood has seen the light, no pun intended but now we have the fault and power of god. i want to say thank you it is
6:58 pm
magnificent. >> i want to comment on what you said where you were tieing it in to israel on a global scale today. it is important we understand in the context he was faithful to the torah he was persecuted. we look at the nation how the jews are being persecuted once again. >> i have been applauding the program for a year. i was doing a lot of secular shows we had the movie awards on the same day they were open they were promoting them hundreds of times on the network. i love the movie. i gave them the highest prize we give 100,000 dollar prize. roma was so beautiful when you got up and got the grace prize you were so beautiful. which do the numbers we tell what goes well and we have 80 pages of detailed numbers every year movies with faith and
6:59 pm
values do better at the box office. the you talk about it on fox news yesterday. it's the news that needs to get out in to the life blood of hollywood. >> last but certainly not least. >> i want to thank you for the privilege to be with you and mark and roma. a lot of times when hollywood infiltrates our heads, hearts and homes very rarely is it a good thing. when you take heaven coupled with hollywood and gets in our heads, hearts and homes it becomes a god thing. hopes for years was jesus a man or was he a god. i have learned he was both. why did 10,000 gauges sing at his first. if he wasn't a man who was that in the wilderness. if it wasn't god who fed the 5,000 with the little boy's lunch? oo that was very well said. very well said. guys, obviously blockbuster numbers huge hit.
7:00 pm
done grat layingses. it was a great movie. i loved every minute of it. >> that is all of the time we have left. thank you for being with us. see you back here real soon. >> i go to the unirs >> i go to george mason university. >> virginia tech. >> i have city of south dakota. >> tonight a special edition of "stossel from the nation's capital. 1500 college students from all over the world gathered here to debate what makes for a free society? these are our future leaders i am glad they are learning about the most important thing, liberty. tonight what you ought to know about economic freedom, free speech, personal responsibility,


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